Available courses

This program offers students the necessary technical skills and training needed to create and execute design concepts efficiently and economically.
Students learn how to combine technical, creative and conceptual skills to meet design briefs and solve a range of visual communication problems.

Students use traditional and electronic media to assemble camera-ready and digital artwork for graphic reproduction and web-based output. Typical subjects covered by the program include: color theory, typography, marketing and branding, presentation, and photo altering programs. This program can also be merged with multimedia arts or website design. 


Are you ready to hone your skills in graphic design and develop strong technical expertise?

You’ll use industry standard software and gain in-depth knowledge of the design process to work in areas of visual and graphic design.

As a graphic designer, daily activities may include:

  • creating logos and artwork for products such as packaging or cafe menus
  • focusing on graphics used for websites, digital and online platforms.
  • creating graphics for clients to sell a product or service. This may be through print or digital publications such as newspapers and magazines or outdoor signage.

This diploma provides you with a strong technical focus that develops your technical expertise in digital design, print production and typography, along with a thorough understanding of design concept development and the design process.

You will explore many forms of visual and graphic communication, including illustration, digital design, typography, calligraphy and lettering, packaging design, books, advertising and publicity material.

You’ll become competent in industry standard software including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

This 2D animation course is an excellent way to start your career as an animator! Starting with the basics of animation and working your way up to much more complex projects, your mentor will guide you through fun exercises, share both modern and traditional animation techniques, and offer insightful feedback on your work, frame by frame, to help you progress faster as an artist.

CG Spectrum’s 2D animation classes are conducted online, meaning they’re available to all international students. You’ll be personally mentored by former Disney and DreamWorks artists with decades of real world experience working on TV shows, and feature films.

Get expert career training and kick-start your journey as a 2D animator

The course prepares you to deal with any challenge an animation artist comes across daily in animation production environment. A must course for anyone aspiring to become animator. Learn how to create backgrounds or how to design a character from skilled Animation faculty. 

Learn human anatomy and figure drawing; Create beautiful landscape / backgrounds; Character Designing
Create Storyboard; Essential animation concepts (Keys, in-betweens). Explore the principles of Animation with Animation examples and Exercises and Editing shots and compositing final animation scene.